Bill and Jann Newton a 40 year commitment to God!

Bill and Jann Pics

This is a congratulations to a couple that I have personally seen 36 of the 40 years of their marriage!  As a kid I witnessed the beginning of this long term commitment that they made to each other and more importantly God. Ive heard it said, “marriage is falling in love over and over to the same person” and I have seen this with them.   I can say today that they have the best marriage of any couple I have been  blessed  to be around.    Today I just want to say Thank You. Thanks for keeping commitments. Thanks for being an example to so many. Thanks for being consistent. Thanks for living a Christ centered life. Thanks for not letting the good times get to your head. Thanks for not letting the bad times take you down. Thanks for listening to each other. Thanks for holding yourself accountable.  Thanks for fighting for whats right at all cost. Thanks for laughing together. Thanks for loving unconditionally.  Thanks for staying tough in turmoil.  Thanks for leading others. Thanks for always keeping your family in a bible based church. Thanks for smiling at each other. Thanks for holding hands. Thanks for comforting each other. Thanks for always looking for the good.  Thanks for loving each other unconditionally. Thanks for falling down and getting back up.  Thanks for following the scriptures.  Thanks for being the example, a son needed of a parent.  On January 10th 2016 I know the heavens will be rejoicing for a couple committed to HIM.

Love you

your son