“You cannot change Truth, but Truth can change you” MFC

“Methods are many,principles are few.methods always change,principles never do” is a quote I will never forget hearing at a conference I attended at 19 years old.  There is only one Truth for salvation and that is Jesus Christ and that Truth can be learned about by the infallible word of God , the Bible.  All good principles in day-to-day living also have their roots in the bible as well.  Fortunately for the last 4 years I was given the chance to learn about many principles that have changed my LIFE and  I thought today I would give a few ideas on resources for books etc that can help with great principles on topics such as character, purpose, attitude, programming, gameplanning,keeping score, family, friendship, financial management, leadership, conflict resolution, systems thinking,anxiety, depression, forgiveness, handling adversity, and legacy. These are some of my favorites for sure. Orrin Woodwards book “Resolved” has been the most influential on principles for me and Tim Marks book “Voyage of a Viking” is a biography I will never forget.    If anyone has any other great resources for great principles feel free to comment. god bless


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I also “of course” recommend the 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge for a chance to have someone to be accountable to for growth!   www.90daymentalfitchallenge.com/


Fun ” the other F”


Sitting at a table with Orrin Laurie Woodward, Tim and Amy Marks and a dozen or so other couples in the Life Leadership program talking about our new business venture, I learned a very profound idea that should be implemented more.   Formerly owning a concrete construction company, leasing agency, rental homes, lawn care company, oil distributing company, auction company, and a few others I realized there was a distinct difference with this one.  WE WERE HAVING A BLAST!!

8 fs make up what we call Life. Faith Family Finance Fitness Freedom Fun Following Friendship.  It seems the more I have tried to lead, grow, and change, the more it seems there is one that becomes less prevalent. FUN!! Maybe I have seen to many shows where the boardroom is all fist slams and posture statements but this was nowhere near the same.

It started by all the parties laughing about our past and the things it has taken to get to this point.  The quote “tragedy plus time equals humor”  is a true statement and I listened at all the humor about what was tragedy ” we thought at the time” and all the excitement about what could be and felt so much joy in my heart to know good or bad this team was deciding to have fun from now forward. I’ve heard  “Laughing is medicine for the soul” and this next year will be about our Motto, Have Fun, Make Money and Make a Difference.

God bless