When Fishermen Don’t Fish

The New Year is among us and I would love to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  I woke up this morning ready to “get stuff happenin”   The nervous tension inside was from an intense desire to perform and you can choose to use that tension to fuel self or Pound others . It seems in preparing to lead we sometimes end up hurting ourselves or others because of our own performance issues.   Max Lucado says this ” When those who are called upon to fish dont fish, they fight.  When energy intended to be used outside is used inside, the result is explosive.  Instead of casting nets, we cast stones.  Instead of extending our helping hands, we point accusing fingers”   In my leadership journey I know I have been the most explosive when I have actually not been proud of what I am doing. One of the greatest ways to know if we are truly others focused is to find out the root cause of our disappointments, Is it really about the situation or is IT Really about my own lack of performance? Shifting the blame of discouragement is the easy way out and the lesson will not be learned but internalizing and asking yourself what is the source of my internal battle is what real leaders do.  Tim Marks has worked with me since first mentoring with him too keep looking inside self to become a better leader  instead of outside self.

Lucado says in Chapter 3 ” Leave soldiers inside the barracks with no time on the front line and see what happens to their attitude. The soldiers will invent things to complain about. Bunks will be too hard. Food will be too cold. Leadership will be too tough. The Company will be too Stale.  Yet put those same soldiers in the trench ducking  bullets., and what was a boring barracks will seem like a haven. The beds will feel great. The food will be almost ideal. The leadership will be courageous. The company will be exciting.  When Those who are called to fish, fish— they flourish!  If you are called to Fish “lead” and you Fish then  2012 will be your  year and I cannot wait to hear your story! God Bless cody