My love- My wife

Jan 31, 2004 I married the love of my life.  My wife Tara is what I had always wanted and prayed for  as a wife.  I prayed  for a wife that was wholesome, caring, strong, and a completer.   I remember going to pre-marital counseling and the man who was doing it kept asking Tara if that is really what she wants to do her whole life.  He was astonished she didn’t have any desire to do anything besides be a Tremendous mom and wife!  What the bible communicates a good wife to be, I have.  The counselor tried all he could to push her into being a career women and  it wasnt happening.  In fact I remember her face start to get red with anger and that does’nt happen very often, but she let him know his opinion did not count only Gods did.    I thank God today we didn’t listen to that supposedly christian counselor on how marriage was supposed to be in the 21st century . Tara does today what God has called her since she was a little girl to do, and that is being an exceptional mother and wife.    The only enemies Tara has every had is if you mess with any of her 4 little boys.  She is a protector, a great counselor and a great friend to all around her.  After a short 2 months of being married we found out that we were gonna start this journey of parenthood together.    I have never heard her once complain of her calling, she has never just wanted to “get away” from her family for a short while.   Tara wakes up every day with a beautiful smile ready to do what God called her to do,  love  her family and friends! Happy Mothers Day to the best of the best!   I love you big time babe   cody



A Great Mom

There is no one in my life who has brought more comfort to me than my mom Jann Newton. Spending much time in hospitals and treatment facilities around Kansas as a child I didn’t need a blanket for comfort, my mom was my comfort. I remember people telling her to go home and get some sleep cause I was gonna be fine. I always wanted her to take care of herself but inside was comforted inside when she said ” I’ll just sleep here in the hospital with my son”. The 2 most comforting things a child wants to know is, does my mom love me and does my mom love my dad? Mom answered those in the most comforting way by being my dads completer and me and fluffy “my sisters” greatest encourager. Phase 2 in my life I want to shout out to my mom for loving Tara “my wife” just as much as she did me and now my 4 boys probably more than me. Lol
Mom does everything with Grace and when you meet her you will see the great work of Jesus Christ inside her!

Mental Fitness Challenge

Tara and I took the challenge yesterday and we are so excited!  Our goal is to take proper information to the mainstream public because somehow what is mainstream information today isn’t proper or accurate.  The challenge is also whole lot of fun.   

God bless   cody

Orrin Woodard posting more information about it on his blog, here it is, enjoy!

Mental Fitness Challenge for Customers

It’s been three full days since the Mental Fitness Challenge rollout in Columbus, and the MFC already has 1,254 new customers. That’s over 400 customers a day joining the Mental Fitness Challenge, and it’s only three days old! Chris Brady and I set a goal to create a program available to all, affordable to all, and achievable by all. The MFC has accomplished all three.

I know what the reader is thinking. Sure Orrin, yet another program to help people grow and change. Hasn’t everyone witnessed people who tried program after program for change but never seemed to really change? I know I have. For without the formation of new habits in thought and action, a person quickly reverts to his old self, regardless of how many CDs listened to or books read. The MFC, however, is different because it is designed around the two crucial elements of all lasting change – congregation and community. Let me explain:

First, a person takes the MFC Self-Assessment Test to determine which of the thirteen resolutions for success represents an area where he needs help. Second, he can email his friends and request that they take the MFC Self-Assessment Test about him, providing 360-degree feedback to ensure he is not self-deceiving himself on his score. The friends’ grading results are compiled together, ensuring complete honesty from one’s friends on the test, before being sent back to the MFC participant. Many firms pay tens of thousands of dollars to gather 360-degree feedback, but with the MFC, it’s just part of the program.

Third, the MFC participant dives into the CDs and the RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE book, reading the first chapter on Purpose and beginning his journey of change. Every week, videos by Chris Brady and myself will be emailed ensuring the student is picking up the key nuggets in each chapter. The MFC member will also have a grading sheet to assess how his implementation plan is going on the specific weekly resolution, similar to how Ben Franklin checked and adjusted as he applied his “13 Virtues” in his life. On top of all of this, if any friends of the MFC participant choose to take the MFC, then he also has his friends as accountability partners, and they can help each other follow through on the commitments made to change. Even more crazy, if three of his friends choose to take the Challenge with him, then his MFC is FREE!

Fourth, if one desires additional support, then he can join a local Challenge Group and attend Challenge Trainings available in his area at affordable prices. The Mental Fitness Challenge is 90 days of attacking the status quo in a person’s life, asking him or her to view life from a different perspective. Like Albert Einstein once said, “The significant problems we face in life cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.” The 90-day MFC teaches a new level of thinking, resolving the problems that hold a person back from the life he always wanted. After 90 days of reading, listening, and associating with other like-minded people, nobody will want to go back to his old reality.

Now I am back where I started – congregation and community. The MFC is built around the two pillars for real change (congregation and community), and thus, it works. Congregation teaches the group the right principles, and community ensures the group associates with the right people. The MFC is the only personal development program that provides ongoing support in both of these non-negotiable areas.  The MFC program is a 90-day plan; however, any satisfied customer can join a monthly subscription of 4 CDs and a book for the unheard of price of $50 per month. Furthermore, the MFC participant can join a local chapter of our Challenge Groups and enjoy fellowship and trainings at $10 or less per event.

The entire MFC package is just $220 plus shipping. I know it’s crazy, but we truly want to reach the world with real change that makes a difference. What is the reader waiting for? Go to the site today and take the Challenge or at least sign up for the free Pre-Challenge. :)  here is my personal page

A Dad Keeping Score

Family vacation is so much fun with 4 little boys , and a little crazy too until you get them around a pool with water guns. The boys then will play cops and robbers for hours leaving there parents, Tara and I to read.  I decided to reread the Resolved book specifically on the “keeping score” chapter of the book, knowing I need to work on continually keeping my results in front of me.  Today my focus being because were spending time with the kids, on keeping score as a husband and a father.

Orrin Woodward wrote, “fans religiously keep track of the scoreboard at sporting events, but few maintain the high standards when the spotlight is placed upon their professional field of play” .  He continues next chapter, ” but imagine what would happen, if all sports fans, fans who expect the coaches to lead their teams, chose to lead their families with a similar level of expectation for excellence”.
So here is the question for all of us… If we were watching ourselves coach/lead our families what would we be yelling at ourselves  to fix? Since we are all self delusional I have asked the 2 best dads I know, Bill Newton, and  Tim Marks, where am I messing up as well?  Finally I asked my wife and kids. I’ll give  you a quick idea of how that went as he was driving the boat!

Daddy: Cader  do you think daddy is a good daddy

Cader: yes

Daddy: why are you sure

Cader: because your my friend and you make money so chase, cage, colby, mommy and me can eat and go places
Daddy: anything else
Cader: you taught me about Jesus  and I know you love mommy
Daddy: what do I do wrong that I can work on
Cader: nothing
Daddy: tell me the truth
Cader: ok, then will u leave me alone ?
Daddy: yes
Cader:  ok ok . well I wish you let me have pop everyday and you didn’t kiss mommy all the time, and I don’t like spankings when I hit my brothers
Daddy: thanks for the feedback ,but that will not change, love you

I love the quote by Orrin “you either hate changing bad enough to lose or hate losing bad enough to change.”. As a parent or a spouse let’s look at the scoreboard and change where we need to. I know it’s a daily process for me and I pray you will keep score  with your performance as a parent/spouse as well.  god bless


Cheers to Life Founder Orrin Woodward!!

A “Thank You” to the “Founder of Founders”          Great post Tim about a great man. Tara and I 100pct agree

                                   BY TIM MARKS

I was deeply humbled by the recent blog that Orrin posted regarding Amy and myself; humbled, because I owe so much of my success to the sacrifice and commitment of Orrin and Laurie Woodward. As all world-class leaders do, Orrin constantly shines light upon others and celebrates their success, lifting them up and cheering for their victories. Since Orrin has written this blog post celebrating me and Amy, we feel that it is only appropriate to return the favor.

Orrin Woodward grew up in Columbiaville, Michigan, a town where the word “vision” wasn’t something you’d hear pop up at the average dinner table. His brilliant mind and work ethic were quickly noticed by his superiors at work, and his amazing engineering genius resulted in four engineering patents to his name by the age of 25. He was on the fast track to corporate “success”. But he was eventually exposed to some new business information, and he decided to go against the grain. He ignored the 95% advice of his friends, family and co-workers, and he plunged head-first into his first entrepreneurial venture.

Success didn’t come easily to Orrin. We might watch him speak on stage today in front of thousands of people and forget that he failed a public speaking class in college. We might read the chapter on conflict resolution in his incredible book RESOLVED and puzzle that this great man describes his younger self as a “no-people skills engineer.” We might see the tens of thousands of people at a Major function and forget that he struggled for several years to build a business community past 200 people. And we might look at his lifestyle, his homes in Florida and Michigan, and his yacht, and not realize the massive battles that Orrin and Laurie have waged behind the scenes on our behalf.

Simply put, if it weren’t for Orrin and Laurie Woodward, there wouldn’t be any TEAM or the LIFE business, period. When we faced a battle against our former supplier, Orrin and Laurie bore the brunt of the attacks. I know that he has dipped into his own pocket for multiple seven-figures to cover legal expenses, possible only because he lives a debt-free lifestyle. I know that he has been the target of terrible lies and attacks on his character from nameless critics too cowardly to reveal their identity. I know that he and Laurie have put many of their personal dreams on hold, including denying themselves the building of their dream home in Florida for the last four years, in order that you and I may have a business to bring our own dreams to life.

Building this business, both TEAM and now LIFE, is not about the money for Orrin and Laurie. If it were, they would never have gone through all they’ve endured. They would have sat back and collected a check from our former supplier. But they would not. Orrin could have sailed off into the sunset as a motivational speaker and author, leaving us on our own. But he would not. Orrin and Laurie could have begun this great fight, buckled under the pressure and quit. But they would not. For Orrin and Laurie, building this business is about creating a community of a million people, of saving marriages, freeing people from financial bondage, and affecting our culture in a positive way.

I don’t personally know any other man who could have endured what Orrin has gone through and had the grit to stay the course. I’ve seen Orrin with tears in his eyes as we watched our friends suffer personally and financially. I’ve watched his heart break as people whom he had poured his love and energy into would fail to keep their commitments to him, only to see him think upon them with a forgiving heart, knowing that they are just fallen men, as he is. I’ve watched him suffer the sting of terrible lies, and because he holds his character so high he refuses to gossip about the liars. I know people who quite simply are telling lies about Orrin. If Orrin ever decides to go public with all that he knows (and can document) about these slanderous attacks, they will be embarrassingly exposed.

Like any man, Orrin has experienced moments where he has been down in the dumps. But he is an uncommon man, and because he has RESOLVED to have a high Adversity Quotient, he always gets back up and leads.

Orrin has been there for me countless times when I felt broken, praying with me in times of deep personal crisis. Laurie has done the same for Amy; as I was frantically criss-crossing the country during the height of our battle with our former supplier, Laurie was the bedrock friend and mentor that Amy needed in some of our darkest hours. Thank you, Laurie Woodward.

Most people have to go to the movies or read great books to be exposed to heroes. Amy and I are blessed to know some real-life heroes and count them among our best of friends for life. Orrin and Laurie Woodward, thank you for your leadership, your commitment, your pledge to serve and reach a million people. None of us would have anything if it weren’t for the sacrifice you’ve made for us.

Tim and Amy

Integrity and Friendship

JUDGE KEITH ANDERSON    ”A man of integrity”

Just a year out of Law School, Mr. Anderson was court-appointed to represent an accused armed robber. He refused to honor the demand of his client to subpoena police records Mr. Anderson knew would support perjured testimony of his client, even though the evidence would probably have won the case. The Kansas Supreme Court later saluted Mr. Anderson as modeling proper ethical behavior for an attorney. That case is still used in Law School ethics classes today.

During his 24 years as a State District Court Judge, Judge Anderson gained a reputation of fairness, unquestionable character, and high ethical conduct. He was considered one of the best trial judges in the State of Kansas and was also the head of the IBO Legal Defense Fund.

I have known Keith for about 23 of my 32 years of life.  I know Keith  and his amazing wife Carmen very well and just wanted to honor him today as “the best of the best.”  He has led his family, friends and business partners in a way that I will remember forever and hope to pass down to my 4 boys. His ability to convey a point in a kind, loving way has always been a gift of his. He has taught me very much about honor, character, love, and fishing. For the last 23 years my father and I have looked to him for guidance in many matters of relevance.  I remember fishing with him as he shared with me the keys to LIFE.  Keith has always stood for what is right no matter what the cost to himself.  As a favor too my family and the team,  he took the time to help us in a major time of need and I will never forget his commitment to what is morally  right.  Keith has lived his life in such a way that all around him are stronger morally because of his unwavered character.

Keith although being a staple in the legal community, he is more than that, he is a friend.  Actually the best of friends to my family and so I ask a special request.  Will you pray for him and Carmen?  He is a fighter and I believe he will make it through his toughest battle.  The doctors say he has aggressive stage 4 cancer and they do not know the end result but if anyone can make it,  it is Keith.  The fight is ON and lets be warriors in prayer.    I do know the end result  will be Gods Will!

Keith we love and believe in you

god bless


Your second, second and the second mile

Many audios about leadership have affected my journey to date but very few have impacted me as much as Chris Brady’s “second, second.”  In the cd Chris Brady goes over having your first waking second feeling great and your second, second having the burdens of life coming into your mind.  He says Freedom in life  is when your 2nd second is as good as your first.  There is many ways to help with that second, second and today I just want to go over one way, and that is the understanding in Life you will have  to go that extra mile that you didn’t expect.  SOO Expect IT. so that we do not have to fret about it in your second, second

It wasn’t uncommon for the Roman soldiers during Jesus’s time to oppress the Jews and  have the Jews carry heavy loads for miles.  Jesus came and said “if a man compel you to go a mile, go two miles”   There is in the statement a thought pattern to master the situation by being prepared to do more than expected and to not get weary in good work.  It creates an abundant  willingness to go further, work harder than expected. Aubrey Andelin says “going the second mile is a way a man lightens his burdens and learns to enjoy his responsibility. A half-hearted effort nets nothing in satisfaction. As one devotes himself to his God, his family, his work , going beyond the call of duty to be completely responsible as possible, he experiences satisfying fulfillment”.          IN his Second Second.

If you are successful in your endeavors the first mile,  thank God, but for the rest of us “MERE MORTALS” lets expect to go  TWO.   God Bless         Devoted