“You cannot change Truth, but Truth can change you” MFC

“Methods are many,principles are few.methods always change,principles never do” is a quote I will never forget hearing at a conference I attended at 19 years old.  There is only one Truth for salvation and that is Jesus Christ and that Truth can be learned about by the infallible word of God , the Bible.  All good principles in day-to-day living also have their roots in the bible as well.  Fortunately for the last 4 years I was given the chance to learn about many principles that have changed my LIFE and  I thought today I would give a few ideas on resources for books etc that can help with great principles on topics such as character, purpose, attitude, programming, gameplanning,keeping score, family, friendship, financial management, leadership, conflict resolution, systems thinking,anxiety, depression, forgiveness, handling adversity, and legacy. These are some of my favorites for sure. Orrin Woodwards book “Resolved” has been the most influential on principles for me and Tim Marks book “Voyage of a Viking” is a biography I will never forget.    If anyone has any other great resources for great principles feel free to comment. god bless


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I also “of course” recommend the 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge for a chance to have someone to be accountable to for growth!   www.90daymentalfitchallenge.com/


About Cody Newton
I'm happily married with 5 kiddos. Thankful to God for changing my life and revealing where I can be better. Love spending time with family, at church, doing business, laughing, fishing, hunting, boating and about anything outdoors.

12 Responses to “You cannot change Truth, but Truth can change you” MFC

  1. Cody Moyer says:

    You have covered them all Cody! The retraining/re-programming of my thinking through the Mental Fitness Challenge and LIFE has been revolutionary in my life!

  2. Chris Brady says:

    That constitutes a great book shelf!!

  3. Hans Widener says:

    I’ve read many of those and each one has been transformational in my life in some way. Here are some other favorites of mine: The Principles and Power of Vision by Munroe, In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day, Developing the Leader Within You by Maxwell, The Magic of Thinking Big by Schwartz, The Jesus You Can’t Ignore by MacArthur, Unstoppable, Point Man by Farrar. These books have taught me principles on Purpose, Leadership, Faith, Fatherhood, Dreaming, Perseverance and Courage.

  4. Don Schultz says:

    Like Charlie “Tremendous” Jones once said, “there are two things that will make a difference in where you are five years from now, the books you read and the people you associate with.” How true! Some great books I’ve read and impacted me are: Sacred Romance by John Eldredge, Seize Your Divine Moment by Erwin McManus, King Me by Steve Farrar, Finishing Strong by Steve Farrar, Facing Your Giants by Chuck Swindoll, The Power to be Your Best by Todd Duncan, Robert E. Lee on Leadership by H.W. Crocker III, The Pursuit of God, The Pursuit of Holiness both by A.W. Tozer. Like Hans In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson was beneficial. It still comes down to application day to day and I may not be where I want to be yet but I am farther than where I was. Don Schultz

  5. Derek Griswold says:

    Definitely ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by Dr. Schwartz would go on the list for me. Probably the book that has opened my eyes the most towards a brighter future and provided the desire to read many of the other books you’ve listed here. Orrin’s ‘Resolved’ is tops!
    Thanks for the new list, I’ll be shuffling accordingly. Many more to read and re-read!

  6. Roger Miller says:

    What a great testament to the materials that the Life business that Orrin Woodward & the PC have put together for us. all of those books and Cd’s capped off with the Mental Fitness challenge.
    Thanks for all you are doing and your willingness to grow and learn.
    Roger & LaDonna Miller
    Team VIP

  7. Great post Cody, thank you for some great recommendations. So thankful to be part of Team.

  8. Reading has truly changed almost every area of my life! But not just the reading, reading about truth. It’s rewarding to know so many people are gaining knowledge and principles in areas of life that truly matter! Thanks for always leading Cody!

  9. Chi Nwoke says:

    Great post Cody! What a great reading list!! Ever since joining Team and LIFE, I have begun to LOVE reading!! I can’t imagine my life or my family’s life without the books we have read! And now, there is the Mental Fitness Challenge!! What an incredible way to grow and have the “life you’ve always wanted!” Thanks for being a great example to follow, Cody and Tara!!

  10. Bill Newton says:

    My wife has watched me for 36 years do business with several people. She has a sense of how genuine and forth right and honest people are. She gives Orrin and Laurie a thumbs up.
    You know I could have given a much more logical perspective to prove the same point. My wifes perspective is even more accurate than logic.
    Bill Newton

  11. leowines says:

    Great post Cody! Thanks for being a man of character and integrity! I love the books on your site I havent read them all yet, but I will.

  12. Linda Dietz says:

    Hey Cody, Diann helped me find your blog. You’re the bomb!

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