A Dad Keeping Score

Family vacation is so much fun with 4 little boys , and a little crazy too until you get them around a pool with water guns. The boys then will play cops and robbers for hours leaving there parents, Tara and I to read.  I decided to reread the Resolved book specifically on the “keeping score” chapter of the book, knowing I need to work on continually keeping my results in front of me.  Today my focus being because were spending time with the kids, on keeping score as a husband and a father.

Orrin Woodward wrote, “fans religiously keep track of the scoreboard at sporting events, but few maintain the high standards when the spotlight is placed upon their professional field of play” .  He continues next chapter, ” but imagine what would happen, if all sports fans, fans who expect the coaches to lead their teams, chose to lead their families with a similar level of expectation for excellence”.
So here is the question for all of us… If we were watching ourselves coach/lead our families what would we be yelling at ourselves  to fix? Since we are all self delusional I have asked the 2 best dads I know, Bill Newton, and  Tim Marks, where am I messing up as well?  Finally I asked my wife and kids. I’ll give  you a quick idea of how that went as he was driving the boat!

Daddy: Cader  do you think daddy is a good daddy

Cader: yes

Daddy: why are you sure

Cader: because your my friend and you make money so chase, cage, colby, mommy and me can eat and go places
Daddy: anything else
Cader: you taught me about Jesus  and I know you love mommy
Daddy: what do I do wrong that I can work on
Cader: nothing
Daddy: tell me the truth
Cader: ok, then will u leave me alone ?
Daddy: yes
Cader:  ok ok . well I wish you let me have pop everyday and you didn’t kiss mommy all the time, and I don’t like spankings when I hit my brothers
Daddy: thanks for the feedback ,but that will not change, love you

I love the quote by Orrin “you either hate changing bad enough to lose or hate losing bad enough to change.”. As a parent or a spouse let’s look at the scoreboard and change where we need to. I know it’s a daily process for me and I pray you will keep score  with your performance as a parent/spouse as well.  god bless



About Cody Newton
I'm happily married with 5 kiddos. Thankful to God for changing my life and revealing where I can be better. Love spending time with family, at church, doing business, laughing, fishing, hunting, boating and about anything outdoors.

6 Responses to A Dad Keeping Score

  1. this is so awesome! i laughed so hard. thanks for being a real leader cody. i have so much to keep score on and fix. the thing i make sure to do now is write out the 6 most important things to get done the next day. and i havent been great at accomplishing all of them, but i will get better and eventually master time management and the vital behaviors. god bless!!

  2. This is so awesome. I laughed so hard. Thanks for being a real leader Cody. I have so much to keep score on and fix. One of things I am make sure to do is write 6 most important things to do the next day. I haven’t been great at accomplishing all of them on a daily basis but I will get better and eventually master time management and the vital behaviors. I refuse to give up and quit on personal and business development.

    Love in Christ, Bernie

  3. Chi says:

    Cody, you definitely practice what you preach. It is great watching you lead your family in having fun, making money, and making a diference. You and Tara are an inspiration to Jenn and I.
    Take care!

  4. James B. says:

    I love this phrase “you either hate changing bad enough to lose or hate losing bad enough to change.” My son (as a 8th grader) played his first varsity baseball game yesterday. He pitched two innings of the 2nd game of a double header. He did a great job but they still losted. This is a young team that doesn’t have a lot of experience so after the game a couple of the upperclassmen came to talk to me. It was a non-conference game so the coach just played all of his players instead of just playing to win. Being it was non-conference the win/loss didn’t mean anything for the conference title but I told the kids that they needed to learn how to Win. You have to have a differnt mind set to become a winner. I will be giving a couple of the upperclassmen some Leadership CD’s to listen too. LOVE Life-Team.

  5. Hans says:

    How profound it is that the things he doesn’t like you doing today are the things he’ll be respecting you for tomorrow. Your short dialogue here has caused me to think. I pray that Jonah, if given the chance, will say that same about me. Grateful for you and your example.
    God bless,

  6. facilitiesmgr says:

    Good Post Cody,
    Out of the “mouth of babes” sometimes come truth that is profound. They haven’t learned to couch/mince their words, which would be a good trait to have as they get older. We can all learn from people who are younger and sometimes much younger than we are. Good job on communicating well with your boys and wanting to be a better dad to them. Your boys will either benefit or suffer because of who you are as a leader and you and Tara are being intentional about growing your parenting skills. Good job!

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