The Hidden “F” – Thank’F’ulness

LIFE is here and changing lives and there is no one I have personally seen change more than Kris. He is a great friend and leader  fighting for truth. God Bless and have a great Thanksgiving


The Hidden “F” – Thank’F’ulness

By Kris White

The week of Thanksgiving tends to cause one to reflect.  The upcoming holiday season is filled with great excitement and anticipation, but for what?  Has Black Friday, Grandma’s mashed potatoes, peanut-butter balls and Christmas lists completely overshadowed the true spirit of the season?  In many ways it has.  Not that it’s all bad.  (Take a bite of Grandma’s mashed potatoes and gravy and I think you’ll agree.)  However, let us never take for granted those things in life that truly matter.  A proper perspective must accompany these traditions lest we forget our true joys.  This year let us remember to give thanks each and every day for our many blessings.  We all fall short when acknowledging the grace that God extends to us.  Nevertheless, be thankful.  Paul says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, “in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”.  Notice Paul says, “in everything give thanks”.  Through our challenges, fears, joys and victories, be thankful.  Each experience is designed for a special purpose.  We must learn to recognize these experiences as gifts and use them to become the man or woman God designed us to be.

That being said, I’d like to extend a special thanks to Cody and Tara Newton and Bill & Jann Newton for the direction they’ve led TEAM VIP over the last few years.  The courage and perseverance to follow right principles, under all circumstance, has provided a platform for thousands to pursue and fulfill their God-inspired purpose.  We are blessed to be a part of this LIFE business.

It’s a good LIFE, so let us give thanks.  And, oh, by the way, please pass the mashed potatoes.


About Cody Newton
I'm happily married with 5 kiddos. Thankful to God for changing my life and revealing where I can be better. Love spending time with family, at church, doing business, laughing, fishing, hunting, boating and about anything outdoors.

2 Responses to The Hidden “F” – Thank’F’ulness

  1. pappabiggs says:

    Kris, I am grateful for reading your very timely article. The Newton families are certainly deservIng of our praise and thanks! Would we be breathing LiFE without them? Jeri and I just seen the movie, “Courageous”. Bill & Cody have and are stepping forward COURAGEOUSLY. They are pointing the way for each and every Man to step forward onto a narrow strong plank called LIFE for any man (timid or not) to take themselves and others over any abess!!!


    Pappa Biggs

  2. Kris,

    Thank you for such a powerful reminder of the many things we have to be thankful for.

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