“The Beginning of our Life Team”


Team Very Important Purpose was birthed out of a purpose to overcome business oppression that started the understanding of the difference between  free enterprise and capitalism.  That team was started by courageous men and women that I respect very much. Ive heard it said 

“Courage is the ladder on which all the  other virtues mount”
Just as a company has many divisions, Team VIP now has another division of it,  that was just named Team VIP PHALANX which is men and women that is willing to stand strong to help others out in a better LIFE         

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The Phalanx was a military formation put into practice by the Greeks as a strategy for overwhelming their opponents.  This was a very intimidating formation, especially at its inception.  It was a grouping of soldiers who carried a short sword, a long spear with a metal tip on both ends and a large, curved shield.  There was a leader in each row of the formation to give direction and keep order.  Each soldier was responsible for the purchase and upkeep of his own armor and weapons.  The phalanx is an example of a military formation in which the individualistic elements of battle were suppressed for the good of the whole.  A soldier fighting independently stood a much greater chance of defeat than if he was supported by those at each side of him and who were also committed to the success of the unit.

 The hoplites had to trust their neighbors to protect them, and be willing to protect their neighbor; a phalanx was thus only as strong as its weakest elements.  For this reason, the formation was deliberately organized to group friends and family closely together, thus providing a psychological incentive to support one’s fellow comrade.  Each soldier operated in very close formation with his comrades for the defense and solidarity of the unit.  Each man had to be committed to be trained and do his best otherwise the unit would suffer harm or defeat. 

 How it applies to us with TEAM and LIFE is that we as a team are on a mission with a Very Important Purpose, that of accomplishing Operation Freedom for our team members and society as a whole.  To accomplish that Purpose will require a band of committed people who will put aside their personal fears for the good of the team.  We figuratively link arms and move forward to meet the challenge facing our society today.  We are trained by those who have experienced the battle first hand and who are willing to help us learn the lessons discovered in the conflict.    

 We are in a battle for the hearts and minds of those people around us.  The onslaught against us is willful and determined and it will require us to be resolute in face of that onslaught.  Our purpose brings us together to stand strong, growing in numbers and strength of each individual so that we can overcome those who would seek to do us harm as a nation.


There was a song written to those who are courageous.    “Now of those, who dare, abiding one beside another, to advance to the close fray, and the foremost champions, fewer die, and they save the people in the rear; but in men that fear, all excellence is lost. No one could ever in words go through those several ills, which befall a man, if he has been actuated by cowardice. For ’tis grievous to wound in the rear the back of a flying man in hostile war. Shameful too is a corpse lying low in the dust, wounded behind in the back by the point of a spear.” TyrtaeusThe War Songs Of Tyrtaeus          

 thank you Don Schultz for the idea of the name and the better understanding of  Phalanx.. Team VIP PHALANX “OPERATION FREEDOM”      





About Cody Newton
I'm happily married with 5 kiddos. Thankful to God for changing my life and revealing where I can be better. Love spending time with family, at church, doing business, laughing, fishing, hunting, boating and about anything outdoors.

One Response to “The Beginning of our Life Team”

  1. Sue Duczak says:

    I loved your TEAM 693 CD – Your story will surely motivate others to pursue excellence. I hope I will hear you speak at a Major soon.
    God Bless you and your beautiful family.

    Sue Duczak

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