Attitude ” A difference maker in LIFE”

   I read an article that stated that approximately ninety percent of people coming into the doctor have actually talked themselves into their illness.  Attitude decisions  do  make a difference in LIFE.  It would be apart of the art side of Orrin Woodward and Chris Bradys book Launching a Leadership Revolution book. Here is a comment from  Fred “a former national champion football player who knows how to win”  about a couple of the books that have come through the leadership company.                                                               ” I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet”  ~Ancient Persian Saying
    I just got through reading The No Complaining Rule by Jon Gordon, actually I started reading it at 9am this morning and was so riveted by the story I finished it at 11:30am.  The story conveys to anyone who reads it how having a positive attitude over a negative attitude through the practice of limiting complaining will greatly increase a healthy lifestyle in all of our relationships, family, friends, people we work with, at your church and even with God our father.  It suggests that if we catch our selves complaining to put a twist on the complaint and add “The But – Positive Technique.” to the complaint.  An example for me would be as follows, I don’t like getting up at 2am to be at work at 3am, but I am glad I get done early in the day so I can build the  business my wife and I own. According to the book, we all have a choice between two roads.  The positive road that will lead to better health, happiness, and success and the negative road that will lead to misery, anger and failure.  You can’t take both roads at the same time, so you have to decide which road you want to be on.  The book says that when we complain, we have chosen the negative road.  The good news is we can change anytime to the positive road.  That brings me to another book I have recently read, The 7 Habits of Highly effective People by Stephen Covey.  In Part Two, Habit to Be Proactive, the author talks about taking a more proactive approach to situations in our lives instead of a reactive approach.  The difference is in a proactive approach we have more control of the situation, we can determine the outcome of our situation.  A reactive approach would be to let the situation control the out come and accept the results it has on our life.  We need to be proactive, create the action in our lives that will move us forward to our desired results.  Either we act, or we will be acted upon.  The reason I talk about these two books, is because of the similarities.  The No Complaining Rule talks about writing down your complaints and deciding which ones you can do something about and discarding the ones you can’t.  There is no sense in worrying about something you have no control over.  Then share the complaints you can do something about with someone who can help with a solution and turn it into a positive.  The 7 Habits of Highly effective People has a similar process called your Circle of Concern and your Circle of Influence.  With in our Circle of Concern are things we have no real control over and others we can do something about.  The ones we can take action on, our in our Circle of Influence.  Proactive people concentrate on things in the Circle of Influence, things they can act upon in a positive way.  Reactive people concentrate on things in the Circle of Concern, things they have no control over, which leads to a negative attitude.  We all have the ability to choose, whether it is to complain and not act, or to complain less and try to find solutions to our complaints and turn them into positives.  We can choose to be a Proactive type person who acts upon situations in a positive way and takes responsibility for those actions or be a Reactive type person who takes no responsibility for their actions and blames them on external forces.  I personally choose to be a Proactive type, non-complaining type person, who takes responsibility for my life and my families lives through the continual input of training materials provided by the LIFE Community of people .  I am going to pass this information on to everyone I know in hopes of them finding a better Life,  God Bless.

About Cody Newton
I'm happily married with 5 kiddos. Thankful to God for changing my life and revealing where I can be better. Love spending time with family, at church, doing business, laughing, fishing, hunting, boating and about anything outdoors.

3 Responses to Attitude ” A difference maker in LIFE”

  1. PrettyGee says:

    Thanks for sharing, this is very inspiring 🙂

  2. pappabiggs says:

    Fred is one of the most consistent readers on the-TEAM and it shows more and more! You’ll be seeing more out of this guy with the “eye of a Tiger”.

  3. Bernie says:

    Thanks for posting! I’m excited about reading the Gordon book.

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