Does Life Leadership Help?

In  Orrin Woodward OrrinWoodward-born-leader and Chris Bradys book Launching a Leadership Revolution on page 18 it asks the question, “Why Leadership?” It answers why  throughout the book by showing us how leadership is exactly the opposite of what we think it is. For instance, Leadership is about giving power instead of getting power.  Leadership is about how well you serve instead of how well you get served by others.  SOO When I get asked “Does this Life Leadership Material Really Help”???  My natural response is too answer is to say,  of course it does, in a put off way.   I think it was Albert Einstein that said ” you can’t fix a problem at the same level of thinking you got into the problem with”  But knowing that, as my mentor Tim Marks states ” you should know them by their fruit”  So to really know if it helps we should evaluate the ones that have been actively apart of the program to see if it helps in different categories. The different categories are discussed in the Life book as the 8fs. Faith Family Fitness Finance Freedom Fun Friend Following.  Leadership in all of these categories is what keeps your life in proper order.  Here would be 2 different examples that I have personally seen on the leadership material that I have seen change during the process.

Kris White is 31, graduated from my highschool and his whole life he has been a shy reserved person, who was scared to lead.  Kris since being on the leadership material has dealt with the tough issues in and out of his family life and relational life.  His spiritual leadership is where I have seen him grow the most.  Kris did not want to “rock the boat” until he decided leading his family was a higher calling than following in that realm.  I have personally also seen him take on tough issues with people in and out of his team that he normally would’ve hidden from. Kris is a leader now in many areas that he would not have “stepped up” in if it were not for proper info.   Congratulations Kris

Jessica Miller is 21 and just about ready to graduate from college. Jessica on normal terms would be looking for a job, but because of the leadership material she is preparing for a retirement party.  She has taken the material and used it to prepare for another Life, A life of Entrepreneurship.   She is leading many with techniques and ideas learned thru this team program and this is only the beginning for her.  To be continued for her for sure

god bless



About Cody Newton
I'm happily married with 5 kiddos. Thankful to God for changing my life and revealing where I can be better. Love spending time with family, at church, doing business, laughing, fishing, hunting, boating and about anything outdoors.

2 Responses to Does Life Leadership Help?

  1. Jessica Miller says:

    Cody, we’re so grateful to you and Tara for being one of the rare couples that stands in the gap for freedom! I admire your leadership so much; in the way you lead and serve your family and your team. Thanks for having patience with this crazy college student– we have the most amazing opportunity on the planet and this is going to be an incredible year!

  2. Bernie Zuniga says:

    My wife and I can definitely attest to Jessica’s growth in the 8f’s these
    past couple years. When Jess first introduced me and Maddie to the team training system we needed a lot of love and encouragement or we would have quit the personal development journey early on. But Jess never stopped accepting, approving, appreciating and encouraging. She continually led us to the right information (the team system) and it has made a big difference in our lives. We have seen some of the shots she has taken and endured and how she has changed in the process. We are proud of what she has accomplished and the woman of God she is becoming. Every time we see her she is personally growing and in turn inspiring others. It’s an honor and blessing to have her leadership as we strive forward to serve others and make a difference through the LIFE business.

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